Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pool Sharks

What a strange twist of the English language.

Me and my boy Christopher (see link at right) held a table (more or less) undefeated tonight at Fontana's on the LES for four-ish hours.

Surprised us both.

We should have bet money. Or a lottery ticket. Or nuts from the nut machine.

Or something.

My bruised rib has healed. For now...

Bowling in Sunset Park this week, bitches.

Look out.

"Slow down... lean in, call up that feeling
You get when you're dealing, that all too deceiving side of you
Who loves you true, but they'll just forget it, they'll just forget it
That shit'll twist your little mind if you let it
Who love the blue sky, who wear the dark eye..."

Greg Dulli and The Twilight Singers. And Angela Ryan in a dead man's apartment...

1 comment:

D.L. Wood said...

A red dress

Red hair.

Red erect nipples.

This didn't bring the dead man back?

D.L. Wood