Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Wanna talk.
Wanna talk.

Just not to the one I wanted to talk to.

Not good.

Cover Star: Natalie
Headlining Band: Da Yout


Anonymous said...

omg heff why WHY the constant shit who gives a fuk and why do feel you must publish all this drama if you ever steped out of your slef and read this bs you would be sick to your stomach a grwon fucking man writing an on line diary and sharing it what a little pussy oh oh i got my feelings hurt oh oh iam sad about a puppy i once had oh oh look a butterylyf so pretty oh oh jsus christ and all you "artist" have the same shit you all say all read each others and comment about how cool and profound you all are remeber monet was an artist van gough was an artist davinci was an artist you all are hacks wow real talent take your close of and stand on a chair clik click ok now put some lipstick on real heavey lay on nthe bed head over the side look at teh camera click click goddamn taht is createive all riught -quite being a pussy and god damn stop every time i see you you act all like everything is so fucking important and all you do is talk about stupid shit that dont mean shit yet talk like it does i would think with allt he pussies you have sen you would look in the mirror and recognize the biggest one ever

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous from Anonymous,
get a life

Engel Schrei said...

Ations by Shel Silverstein

If we meet and I say, "Hi,"

That's a salutation.

If you ask me how I feel,

That's a consideration.

If we stop and talk a while,

That's a conversation.

If we understand each other,

That's a communication.

If we argue, scream and fight,

That's an altercation.

If later we apoligize,

That's reconciliation.

If we help each other home,

That's a cooperation.

And all these actions added up

Make Civilization.

(And if I say this is a wonderful poem,

Is that exaggeration?)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Such incisive comments!

Fuk steped slef grwon iam butterylyf jsus "artist" others remeber close of heavey nthe teh taht riught quite dont allt he sen!

Makes perfect sense to me. You stupid fucking pussy.

Anonymous said...

Llllllama!!! I love the pithy retards who feel the need to try and harass photographers like this. I'm posting as anonymous, as I do not wish to catch a case of your stalker man - I've got enough of my own.

While I'm sure, like me, you don't envision every comment to be a glowing rim job, this crap that they spew is meaningless. It's almost too much credit to them that we even acknowledge their comments. Misspelled. Incoherent ramblings of unconnected ideas, all in some sort of effort to "make you feel lowly or bad". Sadly, they don't realize that we laugh at their attempts.

Keep on keeping on, man. I love what you do and write. And that's not hero worship. Just how it is.