Sunday, June 28, 2009

You're Gonna Wake Up Wonderin'

Things I discovered today:

- "Medicine Show" by The Dream Syndicate. Steve Wynn is a god. Awesome.
- Three Herzog films and one Haneke film. Email for details. Thanks to George and Darien.
- Pilar. Awesome.
- My laundry. Fresh and clean. Email for details.
- I still like cigarettes. Email GlaxoSmithKline with questions.
- I am "happier" with my work. Email GlaxoSmithKline with questions.
- The $4.00 margaritas at La Taqueria, that recently went up to $6.00, and then by popular protest went back down to $4.00 (revolution works!) are STILL $4.00. Awesome. Email GlaxoSmithKline with questions about potential conflicts.
- Hanging out with Tito while he shoots on the streets of Park Slope is fun.
- Spending the weekend alone is - ok. Especially when you trust that you will not be alone very, very soon.
- I have really, really good friends, which I already knew, but it's nice to realize it again.
- I don't think any of my proposed titles for my upcoming book have been warmly received by my publisher. They were pretty ridiculous (except for that one!!!). Awesome.
- People still go to see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Awesome.
- That enough of this list is enough.

Cover Star: Emily
Headlining Band: The 13th Floor Elevators


Model Sarah said...

Viva La Taqueria.

Fuck your publisher. It's YOUR book.

Chip Willis said...