Thursday, June 11, 2009


I talked to everybody, I mean, I swear, I talked to everybody. 'Cause anybody that knows me knows that I talk, Lord knows, I talk. I get all agitated and I talk. About anything. About everything, but mostly what I talk about is me. Guilty. Actually not me, but the way I feel. And I feel, Lord knows I feel. Anyway, I talked to everybody, and Lord, you know these days you can talk to folks without even talking to them. You can email, text, leave messages on voicemail and shit, but man, there ain't nothing like actually talking to people. And not talking to them is hard, it's really hard, especially when I'm trying to talk to you.

I miss that.

A lot.


Something tells me that this is not too long for this world.

The blog, I mean.

Cover Star: Mud Covered Dude
Headlining Band: The Twilight Singers w/ Apollonia


Model Sarah said...


Toby Roan said...

God, I love that.

MartiniVision said...

Don't stop Dude!

Mockingbird Girl said...

You can't stop the else am I going to stalk you? ;-)


Anonymous said...

YOU did it heff!!!!! Mockingbird girl -(more like huge fat bitch) "don't stop the blog" you got the groupies attention they are swarming you with love and fear that jamsy will stopt the blog!!! what will Major (i promoted him from captain) studick do and tomcat and the rest do with out the daily borring update. you love the attention and you got and you followed my advice remeber a few months ago i told you to disapear fro awhile and come back and say you had some bad shit to work through? well you took that to a different level with i may stop the blog - as of today i wills tart a blog "save our jamsey" let me get a patition and get all the crak hores to sign it for ya rthen youn make it into wallpaper and put on your walls to feed teh screaming attention need well done got the groupies crying for ya!!!!!!!!

Mockingbird Girl said...

Hahahaha! wow "jamsy"...I never realised that i was a "groupie".

There's a very thin line between love and hate isn't there? ;-)


Mockingbird Girl said...

Hey, "Anonymous", why don't you grow a set and stop the "anonymous" crap? And while you're stretching yourself, try using spell-check too.

love and kisses,
your friendly neighborhood "huge fat bitch",

CarlyErin O'Neil said...

yeah. ok all that bullshit above aside... (you really DO have a stalker!)

I loved this. I wish we talked more.