Thursday, June 18, 2009

What You Do Is More Important Than What You Say

or what you type.
or publish for all the world to see.
or bitch about at a bar with one of your best friends.

Warmth. Lack of Chaos. Opportunity. Calm. Beauty. A Smile. Berlin.
"Next time, make it in Berlin."

That's the shit that matters.

This one is on the house.
And this one is better than ever!
Happy Thirstday!

Cover Star: CD
Headlining Band: Mr. Pollard & Band


CarlyErin O'Neil said...

what actions? once again the power of the pen prevails like winds in sails on the seas of anonymity....we are but vessels of this sacred space, time, place me in the palm of your hand and squeeze so tight. There are no more actions here tonite. . . .

(thanks for the inspiration LOL Now I have to copy that over to my blog! Look at what you've gone and done....sigh.)

Martini said...

That's Just Gorgeous!