Friday, September 08, 2006

Current Playlist

And it changes EVERY DAY.

Audio and Visual:

- "The Gilmore Girls" 5th Season DVD
One of the smartest, most literary, pop-culture reference a mile a minute types of things ever written, other than "Harvey Birdman." But its much sweeter than "Harvey Birdman."

- "Mad Monster Party" DVD
A birthday gift from my best and oldest friend Toby (see link to the side) with a long history. Back in Raleigh, when we were 13, the movie theatre at the North Hills Mall (shit, what was it called, The Cardinal?) started showing 12 noon Saturday monster movie matinees. So either my mom or Toby's mom would drop us off and pick us up while we sat through "Godzilla vs. Megalon" and this Rankin-Bass (the folks who brought us "Rudolph" and the Heat-Miser, dammit!) masterpiece! Was this the one where the kid dumped the large "buttered" popcorn tub on my head?

- Cheap Trick "Heaven Tonight"
There ain't nothin' wrong with this album. OK, except for the egregious bonus tracks.

- KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic"
I listen to it every morning (on the web) here on the East Coast, which is convenient as Nic Harcourt's show is on WAY TOO EARLY in Los Angeles. Noon to 3pm here. Nic's one of the good guys and he is THE reason to tune in. This man know's his setlists. And Radiohead stops by occasionally. Send them money like I do. Also, it's kind of surreal hearing about the traffic problems on the 405 while I'm sitting here in Brooklyn having coffee. This morning he made me laugh out loud and almost spit out my coffee when he said that he was interviewing Jerry Lee Lewis in the afternoon and that he was scared. Then he said "No, I'm not." Then he hit the mic one last time and said "Yeah I am." He's the real deal. (see link to the side)

- The Grifters "Full Blown Possession"
I miss The Grifters. Memphis' best alt indie drunk bar blues band. Everything they ever did was great, but this, their swansong, is extremely poignant. Jeff Buckly was staying with them when he drowned. This record has way too many references to that on it.

- Frank Zappa - anything/everything
I REALLY miss Frank. I saw him eight times. I really miss Frank. Always will. And that ain't no hippie bullshit.

- Swearing At Motorists "This Flag Waves Goodbye"
The Best band to EVER come out of Dayton Ohio (except...see below, wait, I know how to save this one) with just a guitar and drums. This is poetry set to music and I don’t mean that in the way that Ray Manzarek said it to Jim on the beach in that Oliver Stone movie...

- Guided By Voices - the good stuff
I've spoken about GBV and Mr. Pollard here before. He currently is in my personal 1st place for best album of the year, and GVB doesn't even exist anymore.

- TV on The Radio - the new album
Nic's been playing it for weeks on KCRW, but apparently the US doesn’t get it until 9/12. It's amazing. They are a melting pot of goodness.

Enough. Listen and watch your own stuff and tell me about it.

Naomi, about two years ago, with one of my rare Blondie 12" singles...


Anonymous said...

You watch the Gilmore girls and you felt faggy for ordering me passion fruit iced tea?

There is meaning here. I'm sure of it.

But at least I'm not alone in liking the Gilmore Girls. They quote the Go-Go's "This Town" and reference Mildred Pierce.


Toby Roan said...

Yes, that was the one with the popcorn on your head. Little bastards (them AND us).