Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One Man's Crutch is Another Man's Wing

I launched my newfangled website on September 14th. On September 17th, the guy from linked to me. I have no idea how he ran across my site. I suspect he was trolling D. Brian's site (see link to the right) but I do not know. He linked to this blog too. Egregious, but cool.

The next day I got 18,000 hits.

Thank you, guy from Indie nudes!

Even though I am sandwiched right between "The Good Nudes" and "Naked guy in aviator glasses and..." I kid you not. You can go there right now and see that dude with the aviator glasses and his mess all flacid and out. It's cool, mostly for him, I'm guessing...

But 18,000 hits. Jesus!

I also got linked via that site to the Fluffy Lychees Blog and a related site, Fluffy Feets Blog.

These sites were also responsible for a good amount of traffic, despite the fact that I do not purposely shoot with "Lychees" or "Feets" in mind, but I am damn glad to have those blogs and their loyal readers in my camp. Rock on!

So anyway, one of those hits was the photo editor from ELEELA Magazine in Brazil, named Autumn. She wrote me about publishing my work, and after we spoke, replaced a feature they were supposed to do on Ellen von Unwerth's "Revenge" (who I am a HUGE fan of) with my work.

Due to the fact that she is OVER exposed and I am UNDER exposed.

I was good with that.

After a lot of back and forth there are just two shots. Both of them from my ROOMS series (man, people love that much more than the CHAIR series, oh well...) One of Tomiko (who I just fucking shot for the CHAIR series) and one of Gizel, who I adore.

The article will be in Portuguese. Which means, when I get my copies of the magazine, I'm gonna have to get my friend Bella to translate it back to me.

HEY! I know what I said, but what are they gonna say?

I quit smoking on Thursday and the last week has been a living hell. I have two choices as of now. Start smoking again and smoke until it kills me. Or, never, ever go through this withdrawal shit again.

I'm going for the latter.

Photo is of Tomiko. Soon to be published in ELEELA in South America. That's two Tomiko's in a row. I love me some Tomiko, and she knows.


Chip Willis said...

I smoked over 20 years, and it is coming up on 3 in Dec. since I quit.

I had the flu really bad. I thought, "If I smoke, I die"

That was pretty much it for me.

Now, if I can only cut back on

D. Brian Nelson said...

Indie's an old friend. He links to Chip, too. Don't be flying too high just yet because eventually you'll get moved down into that next list and the hits will dry up some. So use the time to get some repeat visitors to bookmark you.

fluffy Lychees said...

How can one shoot such pics without having Lychees in mind ;)

congrats on the ELEELA publishing and good luck with your non-smoking effort.

with fluffy greetz