Monday, September 18, 2006

Please Set Me On Fire

Self imposed exile is over, temporarily.

I TOLD myself - TOLD myself I wouldn't shoot again until October 10th, when I shoot D. Brian Nelson's "find" (see link at the right), Angela, from Newfoundland.

But, a model that I contacted about a year and a half ago - Shuko, from Japan - is in town and I cannot pass this opportunity up.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I met her today at the home office FOURBUCKS on 5th Avenue between 28th and 29th and she was lovely. We discussed 2-3 "fashion" looks and some "figure" work.

So, don't bother me next Tuesday, I'll be shooting her here in NYC. Somewhere. I'll see if I can get her to stand in a chair...

I hung out Friday briefly with Rich and his "find" SMITH, and he suggested that the "Chairs" project should be a collection of 13 of them, called, "13 Chairs." I like it. Mel Brooks, anyone? His reasoning: It doesn’t make any sense to shoot more than one of them, so why not shoot thirteen?

My kind of logic. There's a reason I count him amongst my mentors. Few and far between, they are.

I've had a lot of positive response to my shot of the beached ship on the Chilean shore (see entry below) and I predict that despite all the naked chicks I shoot, this one, after my death, will be my most popular shot. Actually, it will be second to my "Pigtails" shot.

Getchore prints now, while I'm alive and can still sign them.

Finishing up the last two shots of Natsuko's UMBRELLA story tonight while listening to WMFU (see link at the right). Mike Lupica, Monday night DJ extraordinaire, is playing an excellent set: Klaus Nomi, The Hot Monkey, and Eugenius.

I like.

Photo is a hot off the presses Natsuko. "Please Set Me On Fire" is one of the first songs released (1990) by my bestest friend Greg Elkins' band, Vanilla Trainwreck. Out of print, but available on eBay, like all the good stuff. Or here, if you click properly...


Rich said...

it will be your fault when smith demands a 13-step program

India said...

Well, you know, I can see a naked chick pretty much any day I want. For pictures of rotting boats, however, I must rely on artists such as yourself.

And, yeah, I also prefer pictures of people I know and adore to those of models (who I'm sure are charming people, too, once you meet 'em, though their nakedidity might be a bit distracting). Call me a philistine.

Meanwhile: Is the Chilean boat even on your flashy new Web site, which resizes my browser window without asking and files things under puzzling categories? Why are you holding out on us? We demand boat!