Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You can see this joke coming from 911 yards away...

My girl and I have a ritual.

Get the fuck out of town on or about September 11th.

One of my employers asked me this morning (upon my return to work) what was up with that. Which, from one New Yorker to another, is a fair question.

My response to him was this:

As witnesses (20 blocks away) to the events (whatever they "were") of that day, we have no interest in staying in the city (NYC) to further witness said calendar day becoming an "anniversary," a "celebration," and most importantly a "political agenda."

Which it did. On or about September 11th, 2001, at about 9:00pm, as I remember...

It's just fucking disgusting, no matter what really happened.

I saw people die. A few at first, then a lot all of the sudden. I breathed the "air" for years, and I am no better or worse than you for any of it.

I was just there. And I'm telling you what my deal is.

So this year, we went to Woodstock, NY. Surely you've heard of it, although Woodstock ain't the place where you know what you know about it went down...

Another conspiracy...

But, we avoided the bullshit, as best we could, while paying respect to that day and those lost in a private way.


This photo opportunity made everything a little lighter.

Hey - Everybody gotta bowl, right?

Enough. At least for a year...

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rich said...

i trust the trip didn't disappoint. levon is doin ok?