Friday, September 29, 2006

Off The Cuff...

...and on the table.

This is Desiree Starr. Markus was right behind me somewhere clicking away. He is safely in Las Vegas now. If that is an option.

Tomorrow is retouching, retouching, retouching.

I got Tomiko and Lisa back from the lab tonight (that sounds odd, but cool, right?).

Great stuff. But I am nine months behind…

Birthday weekend for my girl. Tomorrow a BIG surprise early in the morning that only Michael, Pamela and Catherine know about. Sunday morning, she runs the half marathon in Central Park.

Nutty McNutt Nutt.

I'll be there, just like last time, camera at the finish line.

Patti is playing the last CBGB’s show EVER on October 15th. Tickets go on sale at noon on Sunday. So, my girl has to finish the marathon by 11:30am.


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