Friday, September 29, 2006

Host Mode

When you live in New York, you are often put into host mode. Everybody you know from everywhere wants to visit here, and they do, and you are expected to show them around, show them the Empire State Building, show them where the best Italian food in Little Italy is ("Didn't you used to live there, James?").

It can be exhausting.

But sometimes it's exhilarating.

My photographer friend Markus (see link to the right) spent the last week here and I loved "hosting" him.

He shot me shooting a model. I shot him shooting a model. We ambushed a gallery curator into granting us a meeting regarding a future two-man show. We drank some beer. We talked about our families and girls and hometowns. We got kicked out of the Carlton Arms Hotel.

We had fun.

Not so much host mode as meeting a long lost brother and going from there.

He booked a lot of models here in NYC some of them cancelled. I consider these people FOOLS. If I was a model, a model want-to-be, or just a hot chick (which I want to come back in the next life as) I would go to great lengths to have Markus photograph me.

Fools. Their loss, man. I watched him work tonight and, well, their fucking loss.

He is off to Las Vegas tomorrow and then Miami. I wish him safe travel and a swift return.

I wish I had a shot of him tonight shooting Desiree in one of her crazy contortion poses, but I left my shit at the office...

In that shot's place is this one. My other German friend, Lisa.


Sarah said...

Your WTC center experience "story" was my favorite of all.

ian said...

I hopped over from your MM profile to your website to here. I was looking around MM and saw you in my favorites. Just below your name was your location, "New York".
"Hey!" i think..... "i like this guys work, he once gave me a nice comment on a photo in my MM profile and I'm going to be in NYC for 10 days. I should look him up.. maybe he can show me around."
when i get here, the latest entry in your blog is this one from yesterday about hosting everyone and their brother when they visit NY. LOL
anyway, i wouldn't have asked you to be host. I was just dreaming another dream about networking in this crazy artistic field of photography. I'll have my days full walking the city and shooting and visiting my son at NYU film school. but.. can you suggest some places that would be good to walk and shoot in Brooklyn?


Anonymous said...

I didn't cancel. i just said no.