Sunday, September 03, 2006

Solar Lottery

Rained all day yesterday here in Brooklyn - Hurricane moving north - pretty miserable. Seems as though we lost the transition from scorching hot August to chilly, windy October. What happened to September's weather?

Desperately trying to catch up on retouching. Noticed yesterday that my hard drive is almost full (!) and it ain't small. My technical advisor suggested that I get another one since they are literally dirt cheap and some new RAM to speed that puppy up. Done. Should be here by Wednesday and I've been told that installation is brainlessly simple on a G5. We'll see.

Chip Willis is on a publishing tear, hunh? Excellent, excellent work...

Finished the Natsuko selects - both color and black & white. Now I gotta build that story. I hate that part, but in the end, it is satisfying. And then figure out where to submit it to. I've got some ideas.

Renee Haze doing Jackie O.
In the shot right after this, Renee slid down the back of the limo's trunk and was briefed by the CIA to NEVER tell ANYONE what she had just seen...

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Chip Willis said...

I hope you run Dupes!

Check out these, if you run out of space in the G5.

I have a 4 drive SATA hot swap rig. I run dupe drives on everything. Backing up to DVD isnt worth the time!

Im in the process of switching over to my MacBookPro being primary puter til I get my MacPro.

Hopefully im getting two 4ooGB drives soon.