Friday, September 15, 2006

What Difference Does It Make?

- How many shots per shoot I shoot.
- What kind of camera(s) I have.
- Whether I shoot film or digital.
- What kind of film I use.
- What kind of lights I own.
- What lighting set-up I favor.
- What kind of models I prefer.
- If I do my own processing and printing.
- If I do a TFP, a TFCD, a TFU (time for underwear, which I have done) or if I pay or get paid.
- What locations I tend to use.
- How I retouch, edit (god, I hate that term) or "Photoshop" (NOT a verb).
- If I have an assistant.
- Where I get my wardrobe.
- If I use a MUA, a make-up artist, or have the model do their own.
- Which stylists I partner with.
- If I think LaChapelle, Avedon or Newton is a genius.

ALL that matters is that I do what I do, that I am confident and happy about it, and that others respond.

Photo is of the amazing and beautiful Kristin.

(and if you must know, and only about this particular shoot)

- About 40 shots.
- Pentax.
- Film.
- Fujicolor 800.
- A bunch.
- This one.
- Just like Kristin.
- No.
- A "fuck motel" in Queens that has themed rooms.
- Heavily retouched in Photoshop.
- Not on this one.
- Everywhere.
- I used a brilliant hair stylist/make-up artist.
- I styled this.
- Yes to all three.


Anonymous said...

Love the shot. She's hot!

LLL said...

Oh, Kristin... Another brilliant image of her. I don't think she is capable of having a bad picture taken. Hope it would be my turn soon! - Leo

Lucky B. said...

I'd be interested to hear more about this "time for underwear" you mentioned. Sounds like there might be a story there.