Thursday, October 19, 2006

Build a Cult

I think a lot about everything. In fact, since I was 10 years old, I've pretty much thought of myself as an OVER THINKER.

Over thinking is an odd arrival point. Some things need to be thought out, talked about, and thought about again.

I think I love you but I'm not sure so instead of saying it let's just think about what love means to me and to you and I have no idea what that is and to all of us while we're at it and then is that gonna freak you out because if it is I'll take it all back and rethink my feelings even though I know at the core of my being that that is impossible...

At the same time, I am a HUGE proponent of "gut" as wisdom.
You feel it, you go for it.

I do it a lot. Like, everyday...

When I feel insecure, or am treading in an area that I am not confident in, I tend to OVER THINK.

FOR INSTANCE: Trying to choose 10 images from my THOUSANDS for a gallery show presentation...

GUT says: go with what you love. Fight fight fight -

So, after a lot of crazy ass rationalizations, platitudes and just plain crap thought, I did. Over thinking be damned.

Photo is of the long lost Sundae St. Laurent.
A bunch of us miss her...
I know I do. She's in the show.

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Anonymous said...

wisdom is in the counsel of many. I find that asking advice from any average joe produces a start to a bigger picture of ballance in any matter. I especially like to ask artistic advice from blue collar workers. "what does this picture say to you?" and the more blue collar they are, the better the answer always is. This also takes the burden off of me to think my way through a seemingly irresolvable mind puzzle. It's also a great conversation starter... I could go on.