Monday, October 30, 2006

Las Vegas and it's Evil Clowns

What strikes me this time, probably my 15th time here since 1991, is that just like in NYC, the difference between upper upper middle class (or lower upper class) and migrant workers, meth addicts and down and outs, IS STAGGERING.

Just driving down Las Vegas Blvd. - all the way down, past the wedding chapels, the strip joints (the two that remain) and the tattoo parlors and pawn shops (SUPERPAWN!) - having not driven there since 2000, it hit me profoundly how, unlike Brooklyn, for instance, there is no gentrification here.

It's just ugly and divided sharply by class, race, and what have you.

The only thing pretty about Las Vegas is the mountains in the distance, which are not in Las Vegas. The view of the not so Vegasy mountains is tainted by the crap that people built at the foot of them.

I cannot help but think about "Planet of the Apes" and the ensuing Armageddon.

I have no choice but to get up early tomorrow (at this point, I haven’t slept since Brooklyn - 26 hours) and go photograph some of that stuff...

Although millions probably have.

Went to a burlesque show at Mandalay Bay tonight with Sharmeen and her crew. They folks there knew exactly what they were doing, recreating vintage music and the moves to a tee. But there was no NYC irony, and I missed that. Plus you had to tip the bathroom attendants, and I hate that...

Sharmeen danced her ass off on the stage.
That was awesome.

Photo is of two clowns who are scared of clowns.

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"No sleep til Brooklyn."