Thursday, October 19, 2006

Toiling Midgets

Sometimes, a band from long ago, stillborn, but one of your favorites - one that none of your friends knows - just your little guilty pleasure, says everything you feel like saying at any given moment.

The Toiling Midgets are saying it for me now. Search eBay for "Son," their last album featuring Mark Eitzel.

It's why I LOVE music. And photogrpahy.

My work has a soundtrack.
This is one of them.

"Faux Pony"
(Toiling Midgets)

When something’s dirty
You gotta make it come clean
America needs a hero
To put into it’s giant dream

I understood
I understood
Yeah, I understood

Me and Jodie Foster
We would have made a fine pair
If my aim had been straighter
Maybe I could have got somewhere

I understood
I understood
Yeah, I understood

You and me and our love
Could have gone into the stratosphere
But you know how hard it is
To ever find love anywhere

I understood
I understood
Yeah, I’m sorry, I understood

I loved you in your black dress


Photo is of Sarah Ellis, to whom I owe A TON of pictures.
She has been kind enough not to wail on me, which I appreciate.

I hadn't figured out the light under the chair thing, but Sarah was my first...

She is like zen.


Sarah said...

Not the only one you owe a TON of images to ;)

But I wont "wail" on you either.

corneille said...

I am zen. That's how I happened to check your blog on the day you talked about me. And that's why I won't wail on you. Do Sarah's first.