Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Portuguese Illumination

My patron at ELEELA MAGAZINE sent me the full pdf file of the October issue today. It features three images from my ROOMS series featuring the fantastic models Gizel, Tomiko and Amy.

It looks cool. The font is bad (she apologized) and they cropped them, but what the fuck? The shots reproduced well. They accompany some sort of text that is called "FORUM" which (unlike my previous publisher) is the editorial section of the magazine - and someone editorializes about something "sexy," I was told.

Being that the "FORUM" section is a monthly feature, my patron asked me today via email if I was interested in supplying images to ELEELA MAGAZINE every month moving forward.

I said: YES.

Understand that I am being paid $0.00 and as I mentioned before, they are cropping my shots to suit their own needs, but here's the deal.

I need some exposure. And Brazilian exposure is as good as any in my house...

Then my patron asked me if I knew any girls that she could photograph while in NYC next week. Do I know any girls in NYC? C'mon...

Shit, now I gotta come up with...oh, never mind.

I suggested we shoot together. She accepted, but amended my proposal and suggested that we shoot consecutively. Two distinct "films" with the same script, talent and sets.

I'm in.

It's been a good day and the jonesing was at a manageable minimum. BUT, did I mention how, now, as I walk the sidewalks of NYC that I am ACCUTLEY aware that EVERYONE SMOKES! I mean old ladies smoking, little kids smoking and fucking dogs smoking like nobody's business. I saw a dead guy smoking today. I swear to god.

Or something...


ian said...

just think about giving up smoking as a warm up for giving up trans-fats and the fact that you'll be ahead of the curve when the city bans them. ;)

accidentalpornographer said...

I'm your patron? That makes me sound like such a badass.

I'm sorry about the font again, and the bizzare thing about it is that that is the only place in the magazine where that shows up and I just find that so ugggghhhhh. Never again. Note to self to be in Sao Paulo during closing week this month to prevent such things from happening again.

We'll shoot something as soon as I get to NY, promise.