Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Markus (see link to right) sent me his 10 images for our dual gallery show today and they are great.

They are new. They are old. They are black & white.

I sorta cheated and told him that I would send him my 10 images after he sent me his...

So, I've been going through years of shots all night trying to pick my own best shots.

This is impossible.

NEVER try to pick your own shots. Have people you trust help you. Have people with a non-egoist eye tell you that your opinion sucks ass and is worthless. Have people who are completely disconnected from your work tell you which ones appeal to them. The most.

So I picked 10. And I'm sleeping on them before I send them to Markus. I ALWAYS reserve that right...

Meeting with a NYC gallery on Thursday.

Ready to do the rest of the "13 Chairs" series. My idea is to have the self-published, limited edition of 100 copies available at said, non-existent gallery show. And the website - don't forget the website and "e-marketing" if you can keep the barf in your stomach and out of your throat.

Don't forget.

$75.00. That's what they cost. Yep, this is just shit that I dreamed up on the Q rain on the way into the city to sit and wait for a client sign-off. This is the shit that I think might be the "best-case-scenario."

I have no idea what that means. I just made it up on the Q Train.

So, in that best-case-scenario, I'm printing up 100 copies of the book, including a real print, signing them with a Sharpie or something, and numbering them with a 1-100 over a slash with "100" over it. Right? And that's it. No more of those. They go on eBay for thousands of dollars. Prestige, since obviously, I get none of that. But hey, I ain't in it for the money anyway. Unless I get hungry, DAMMIT!

So, I'll reprint it bigger and glossier and more differenter. With Director's commentary and behind the scenes photos and never-before-seen shit that no one needs to see anyway AND a commemorative pin and a DVD of me making the book.

But EVERYONE will buy it.

Just like I bought the Universal Horror Series last year, only to be tempted to buy "Frankenstein" and "Dracula" again this year (doncha know? It's the 75th Anniversary!!!)

And don't even talk to me about the two versions of "Apocalypse Now" that I have. And "Lebowski."

Maybe I'll do a calendar too. And playing cards. No, really...

Photo is of Markus shooting Desiree Starr. Probably for his calendar.

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