Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's 3am...

...and I'm all wound up.

A quick one (while he's away)...

Exhausted. Nodding off at 5pm tonight when I call my girl (who is at work!) to tell her that "I'm taking a nap."
I NEVER take naps.

She says, that's cool, what about BECK tonight? But I thought Beck was tomorrow night, shit, let me look, SHIT, it IS tonight.
So, I have a cup of coffee, meet her at the 34th Street PATH station and away we go to Jersey City.

Bad news - Jersey City. Good news - 4th row.

Between the two of us, we had seen him 5 times. Good, great, ok, whatever, and I don't remember.

Beck is at the top of his game. If you are a fan, do not miss this tour. I cannot describe it right now ('cause you know, it's 3am), other than to say that it is well-thought out Dada, Absurdism, and Magic. Not to mention a STRONG set-list and musicianship across the board, bar none.

And puppets, a four-course meal and a city specific video. We got Bon Jovi.

Photo is from this morning of the wonderful sarcastic and beautiful Lee from Durham, NC, who rocked with me against a black background in the "famous" Starrett-Lehigh Building on 26th and the river. I took this on purpose for this very post. More to come...

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