Monday, October 09, 2006

Hot Soft Light

I want a Leica M8.
I want a Nikon F6.

The only reason I want them is that they kick ass, marketing and first hand testimonials.
My cousin owns a camera store chain in North Carolina and offered to "loan" me a Leica last year during the holidays.

I was scared. Scared I would want to buy it from him. But he's the guy I want to buy it from. I asked Richard and Tito last week @ Coffee Shop on Union Square if Leica "was all that?" They both said without blinking and kinda like I was a moron, "Yeah."


But, you know, I am fine with my old videodrome arm extension Pentax ZX-M and my Nikon D-50. I always loved lo-fi, home-grown, and idiot savant anything. Cassette fidelity, grinding spices to make curry even though it permanently injures your hand, and programmers who can send shit into space but do not know how to wash their clothes or get food on a regular basis.

I don't even know where I'm going with this...

So, why do I WANT these things? Well, as I said, they kick ass. How important is the status symbol to me?

I just wanna take good pitchers...

Photo is of Angela last night shot with my camera.


Chip Willis said...

I want a Hassy H3 with Leaf 39 mp back.

I want ummm... all sorts of shit.

My photography will look similar though.

So will yours.

You have the intangible in your head and it doesnt matter what tool you use.

I have like 20,000 images shot in a year with my 5D.
People are bitching about it all the time on dpreview and other amateur sites. Most of those guys never did shit with any camera, other than brag about technical specs.

But those technical specs can only get you so far.

ian said...

LOL... i saw an ad for an M8 last friday while reading the paper at lunch. It was "lust" at first sight. sexier than any naked girl!!

hypolux said...

Oh dear god.....please don't expose me to any of this while you're here - there's enough torture as is ;)