Monday, October 09, 2006

Vacation ?

Exhale ~

Finishing up my latest incarnation of the Very Famous Women's Wear Line project for Holiday '06 at the end of the week. What's "IN" for this season? I'm glad you asked. Two words: Gifts...

I shot with Angela from Newfoundland tonight. She's only shot with D. Brian (see link to the "write") and he recommended her to me. Thanks Don, Angela was amazing. So much willingness to "experience" in that 19 year old body. Such a great sense of humor, and somewhat of an old soul. We laughed, we shot, we got great stuff. As soon as I get to it, it will be here.

AND, Angela, who has been booked for three months or so, is my last shoot for two whole weeks. I need the time off, as I'm SO far behind in retouching and getting shots to models, getting shots to me, sending out my new website to reps, agencies, galleries and art and photo directors.

So far behind that I just plain suck ass.

On the 20th, I am shooting a very famous "pinup" photographer. She asked me personally and I was flattered. We're gonna rock it and the results will be everywhere. Or nowhere, depending on what she wants to do...

Then, I'm off to Las Vegas!

Oddly enough, I can't get anyone there to shoot with me. I sent out a couple of requests, but man, if you are looking for natural breasts, it ain't your town....WORD!

I've got two NATURAL prospects. TWO! Jesus, I could do better just sitting here in Brooklyn...

And then I'm driving across Death Valley (or at least the southern tip of it) to a mythical place called Los Angeles.

My thinking: Three days, three shoots, and only with my three favorite LA wish-list girls. I sent out the feeler emails and within 30 minutes all three had said YES.

Thank you Trish, Ginger and Mary. We're gonna party.

So the vacation never really happens, does it? You just take two weeks off so you can work really hard during every day of the third week. Yep, I guess that's the way we go...over and over and over.

Michael (see link to the right) wants me to go skydiving with him on his birthday. I've thought about it long and hard and I'M THERE.

There will be no Chiller this Halloween. Sorry Mark, but I'll be in Vegas...

Oh, and after two weeks and three days, the jonesing is at a minimum. Still happening, but manageable.

I haven't heard The Hold Steady's new album, BUT last year's "Separation Sunday" is a masterpiece.


Photo is of Amanda, who some of you that watch television might recognize from this season’s "Project Runway." Rich Goldstein and I shot her last summer in Williamsburg in 100 degree heat for two days straight for an editorial that we hoped to place, but alas, we we're thwarted by the stylist, who commissioned the shoot.

I could tell you what I think Amanda's chances are on PR based on my experience with working with her. But her agency at the time took the cake. They were truly heinous.


Sarah said...

Vegas and L.A. suck major assholes.

But the desert is simply breathtaking...

ian said...

Amanda... is that the girl playing croquet {sp?} in the "fashion" section of your website? That head shot of her with the mallet on her shoulder is gorgeous... as are the rest!!! Nice work!