Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cool Like the Ocean, Burned Like a Summer Home

It's phenomenal what's happening on the West Coast.

Expert Guy on KCRW today reiterated what always comes to mind when "we" have a natural disaster - "we" ain't supposed to be there in the first place. The redwoods regenerate through burn-off. It's not a disaster; IT'S A NATURAL OCCURANCE.

But we are there, and I have many friends in harm's way. They're checked in on me, god knows, through collapsing buildings, blackouts, and general malaise.

So do this for them:

Send positive waves, pray or whatever you do for those people in the way of the fire in California. Then do it twice as much for those guys standing in the inferno for 24 hours.

Title from the most excellent Silversun Pickups' (from Silver Lake if I'm not mistaken) song "Three Seed."

The photo is of Anyssa and she is on fire. My friend Trishy mentioned her today and I've been thinking about her. She photographs like a dream...

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The Pin-Up Poet said...

And in the land where I am from, all of the trees in Stanley Park fell down in a storm. Sometimes Mother Earth shows us her full power, daunting + thrilling...