Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Faux Pony

"When something's dirty
You gotta make it come clean.
America needs a hero
To put put an end to it's kind dream.

I understood
I understood
Yeah, I understood.

Me and Jody Foster
We would have made a fine pair.
If my aim had been straighter
Maybe I could have got somewhere.

I understood
Yeah, I understood
Hey, I understood.

You and me and our love
Could have gone into the stratosphere.
But you know how hard it is
To ever find love anywhere.

I understood
Yeah, I understood
Hey, I'm sorry, I understood.

Loved you in that plaid dress..."

Toiling Midgets. Lorraine.


1 comment:

Varvara said...

James - I am SO agree with this/ America sure needs a hero!
it sais "America needs a hero"
"American hero"
Gotta get that CD... damn profound..