Sunday, October 21, 2007

Random Shit, Vol. XXXI

- Listening to Black Flag's "Damaged" and thinking that I like it NOW more than I ever did.

- Just saw Toby's blog entry entitled "My Kid (And Somebody Else's Hot Rod)" with the accompanying picture of Presley and smiled like hell.

- Took the weekend off from people. My girl just got back from 8 days with His Holiness and we just hung out together, messed with the house and walked around Brooklyn. I love doing all of that with her. A lot.

- Saw "30 Days of Night" which had massive potential but ultimately was a pretty severe letdown. Sill, perhaps my new pick for goriest film ever.

- Figured out that close to 2,000 CDs can go in the closet in my office, in little drawers completely alphabetized. CON: I'll have to lose the jewel cases. PRO: I found some really expensive DJ sleeves that will also accommodate the back tray insert. I'm okay with that - better be, as I just ordered $400 worth of them.

- I've got two shoots this week with two models who I will attempt further self-portraits with. This may become the new series. Egotistical much? It is a challenge, as I'm a pretty serious "behind the camera" denizen.

- The Bauer Super 8 camera system in the custom Pelican case is on Craigslist (search for BAUER SUPER 8 if you want it). I paid $800 for it in 1998 and have it listed for $600 (I shot 1 roll with it). I'd take $500 cash...

- Here's a great mentor story: A young photographer friend called me on Friday and left a message asking for help organizing her portfolio for a meeting. As I mentioned above, I took the weekend off from people, and when I called her today, she was literally driving to said meeting. Which makes me the most passive/aggressive mentor of all time. Way to go, James...

- The new SONY 32" met with ASTOUNDING approval from my girl when she got home from DC, especially since it receives all the NYC digital channels through the air crystal clear, pretty much negating the use of the rabbit ears.

- One of the many reasons I love NYC: the double feature on PBS Channel 13 last night was "The Candidate" followed by "The Manchurian Candidate" - now that's inspired! We watched both, with the aid of the above mentioned rabbit ears, so maybe we'll keep 'em. They do look all retro and shit sitting on the '50s Danish Modern credenza!

- Purchased for little miss rotten Baby Kitty today: a new stainless steel water bowl with a rubber base, two boxes of plastic litter box liners, and ten cans of "Special" food. Who's the boss?

- Spent a little while combing the Internets to see if anyone had recorded PJ's show that we saw at the Beacon on the 10th. Didn't find anything yet. But here's the set-list off of some dude's blog.

- I can't get anyone to go see Juliette (Lewis) and The Licks with me on November 10th...I've asked three people and no luck so far. Shit...

- Gonna take the Mamiya in for a cleaning this week, which is better care than I take of myself.

- I got my favorite spam of all time recently. The subject heading was "FUNGO BAT IN YOUR PANTS." I thought it was a new B-52s song, but no, it just linked to some penis enlargement site...which means I'll probably get more. Just to be safe, I checked, and no, no FUNGO BAT in my pants...

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bt said...


Woke up, looked at your concerned...grabbed the waist band of my Super Man Pajama bottoms, pulled them down....looked...and to my Fungo Bat either.

Wow..that was close.

my best

ps...I think I can handle a Fungo Bat in my's the Fungo Guano that I am concerned about.

ps#2..I actually owned a Fungo Bat once. Wanna' play 500 anyone?