Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Depression and Distraction

Two things I have right now.


I saw "Stop Loss" last night and it is an amazing little film. And it completely ruined my evening, to the point where it took a phone call to my sister in Austin to rescue me. OK, not just the film, just a bad Sunday. Sometimes everyday is like Sunday, right, Morrissey?


Listening to Elbow right now and it's not helping. Watched Kansas beat Memphis in the last NCAA OT seconds but, no, that's not helping either.

Eating "Crispy Squid" from Long Tan right now and it's not helping.

Nothing is helping.

Putting off shit I know I should do.
Putting off shit I know I should do.
Putting off shit I know I should do.


Time to go.

Vittoria from two Decembers ago...


Tanya said...

aww dude! sometimes the external stuff that brings us up close to what we are repelling the most is therapeutic even if it hurts.

It's why we gravitate to sad love songs and romantic comedies and love stories. because deep down we are afraid to feel the pain, but our instincts make us anyway.

hang in there,your doing better than you think.

Collin J. Rae said...

I know this feeling...daily...sometimes hourly still...I'm told it gets better, but does it really? Not everything has an answer.