Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday Night In The Universe

Looked forward to having dinner with my friend Sanders all day today (see link to the right).

Not only is he a talented portraitist, he's a good guy and a great friend.

Thanks for the advice, Mr. McNew. I always pay attention. And we agree about most things...

We had a long, extracted conversation that sounded at one point like Jack Nicholson talking to Art Garfunkel during the slide show sequence in "Carnal Knowledge." One of the best films ever made, or at least one of the best films that Mick Nichols ever made, "Catch 22" notwithstanding.

But I digress...

Tired today. Ann Taylor delivered finally. Finances dwindling, despite the red velvet Magnolia Bakery cupcake waiting for me in my fridge.

Husker Du on the jambox. Grant Hart singing about a female acquaintance's herion overdose is oddly uplifiting to me right now.

Dig "Pink Turns To Blue" whilst you listen to Bob Mould making a lot of noise during "Reoccurring Dreams".

"Zen Arcade" will always be on my top 20 list hovering somewhere right around - #16-ish.

"Going out each day to score
She was no whore
But for me
Celebrating every day
The way
She thought it should be

And I don't know what to do
Now that pink has turned to blue

She was always by my side
And never tried
To leave
Standing up for me
And like a tree
For what she believed

No more rope
And too much dope
She's lying on the bed
Angels pacing
Gently placing
Roses 'round her head

And I don't know what to do
Now that pink has turned to blue"

Scanning the last negatives I have left to scan, although it's really a never-ending process. This is Jade with the legendary falling-apart Konica half-frame...

Dig her too.

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