Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Formidable Opponents

Erin and Brooke.

A Mamiya medium format backed Polaroid.

Rare these days. As rare as a Replacements reunion. Or more rare, even...

From way earlier today than now.

Robert Zimmerman should be proud.

'nuff said.




good stuff jimmy james! add me since i'm a total tard and don';t know how to..forgot i had this blog

Meagan Sample said...

You're my hero.

Stephen Haynes said...

Glad you worked with Brooke again -- of all the NYC-based photographers from her last trip, you are the one I thought she should do a return shoot with. And isn't Erin great?

I'd love to see more.

hypolux said...

well shit if your timing isn't as peculiarly dead-on...as usual...

sometimes it seems like the 'good ole days' never were, sometimes it seems like they're gone forever, and sometimes its hard to figure out what day it even is.