Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Self Medicated

I shot with Carolyn from Virginia tonight on her New York sojourn. Earlier today, she shot with my buddy Gary Breckheimer and she called me (probably at Gary's behest) and handed the phone to him. Gary said "When are you gonna get naked for me, bitch?" Or something like that...

He's serious. Check out his work - if he had a legitimate website (Gary!!!) I'd link to it on the left (edit: right). So you'll have to Google him, but it's worth it. He's a talented boy.

I'm serious too. I've talked to Gary for a while now about "giving back." I said some lame shit to him before like "Let me do some crunches and some push-ups" but that was before the 12lb. depression diet I went through recently (highly recommended! You just don't feel like eating!) so I'm back to Iggy Pop fighting weight.

I'm extremely comfortable with my body, but there is a little something "timeless" and "self-defining" about a photo of you taken by a master photographer that depicts the state that you are currently in. And as a photogrpaher, I am hyper-aware of this.

Although this does not stop me from photographing naked and semi-naked people all the time. But because I do, I get it. Sort of. I mean, I trust me as a photographer to be classy (this from the guy that does "quiet" AND "loud' pussy shots) and obviously the models I've worked with do too, but it is an interesting double-standard. Or paradigm. Or again, something.

So the warm weather means I'll probably be "sitting" for Gary soon. Actually in his case, it means lying in the entrance to the Holland Tunnel with my junk all out.

He already did that one, so that's not my goal. Maybe I could bring Meagan into the mix and Gary could bring his genius to it?

Elbow. My currect new favorite band of all time...

"Can't stop thinking
I won't stop drinking
I need that comfort
I don't need discipline
Twilights tailing

I had self belief
They don't compromise
This has battered me
That's my history
Hold this shaking frame

Pull this back together

What's your story?
I want to listen
I can't fake pity
I may not sympathise
Twilights tailing

Try my lies for size
You might swallow them
While I fantasize
Try my lies for size
Hold this shaking frame

Pull this back together"


brooke lynne said...

It's about time you got naked for Gary! Get Meagan in there too... it will be great. But only if you shoot at the buttcrack of dawn, when its drizzling, 32 degrees, and then Gary buys you breakfast afterwards. ;)

...and yes, the depression diet works wonders. 25lbs 2 years ago. :-\

Tanya said...

I have decided that Gary is addictive, once you " throw your Junk" out to the world naked ,there is nothing comparable to that feeling. I find myself researching the laws of public nudity in my own state to fill my craving. BTW Gary hates Tan lines so you better make sure you don't have that tighty whitey skin contrast thing going on ;).

Meagan Sample said...

I'm down with 'tagging along'.
I dunno how I feel about said butcrack of dawn. But I'm sure we can work some way out of getting me awake... Carolyn is a fucking fox, just like her girl Shakti. But I guess that's stating the obvious.

oh, and your links are on the right, not the left. Unless you're typing from behind the computer... or ARE you the computer??

Chip Willis said...


This is some shit I could never fathom. See, my depression diet makes you GAIN weight....

I have been off the wagon but need to get my ass back on.

Anyhow. I think Gary's picks with you would be cool.
Junk, or no junk.

Stacy Leigh said...

with junk please.

Meagan Sample said...



spindl said...

My life is SO good. :D

And I can't wait for you to shoot with Gary. Ummmm yes. :D

Mazzalupi said...

Wow okay, without junk please. I do love your photography but oh God please no to the junk. By the way, what a great photo of gorgeous Shakti. Is that color dye she's using?

theda said...

yeah, dude. the holland tunnel is mine! all mine! and the other chicks' he's shot there.