Monday, April 28, 2008

Smoking too Much...

...and listening to too much depressing music.

Thank you, Elbow and Elliott Smith!

And the wine, she is flowing, but only at night.

It rained all day here in Brooklyn and I barely left the house, although I did manage (or at least will) to eat three meals which, lately, is a record.

I joined FACEBOOK today at the urging of one of my good friends (a real one) and now all of the sudden I have all these new (virtual) friends! Truth be told, they are all real ones too.

Crazy. Stupid. Crazy.


So, Saturday noght, my girl and I had tickets to the Elbow show here at Webster Hall. I've been to MANY shows there and even though "doors open at 7pm," the headlining band never, and I mean never, goes on before 10pm. And there was an opening act.

So we roll up at 10:05pm and there is a line around the corner. The first thing I think is, shit, it's gonna be a pigfuck to get in here. Then I see the marquee, which fucks me in the face with "Tonight - Some DJ Dude!" and the blood flops out of my body all over the sidewalk.

My brain screams: the fuckers booked a late show and forced Elbow to go on at 8:30pm!!!

I don't say a word and breathe easy, and find the nearest bouncer dude with a headset. I ask and he says, "They're playing the encore right now."

I was devastated. This only happened to me once before with Iggy in Boston in 1989 (which I don't want to talk about). It's not the $50.00 worth of tickets and the $40.00 cab rides back and forth, it's the fact that THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN IN NYC!

And that I really, really wanted to see them.


Seems like if that was going to be the case, someone should have called me and said, seriously dude, you NEED to be there at 8:30pm.

So we retuned home after the "ride of shame" and had a great night with our house-guests who expected not to see us until 6am the next morning when they had to take off.

Oh well, whatever, nevermind. Just Elbow...I'll see them again...I'll put my "unused" tickets up on eBay.

But if it would have been Nick Cave, I would have shot myself. Right in front of the Webster Hall management staff. And that fucking DJ Dude...

Katy. Scanned tonight.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, girl bottom. Good lighting as usual.

Anonymous said...

hi facebook friend.

theda said...

are those what i think those are on her feet, mr graham?

Meagan Sample said...


funny post, missing Elbow not so funny, but srsly dude lolz

Tanya said...

Bummer :(

Collin J. Rae said...

Gah! I hate when that happens!

and I like this photo.