Saturday, December 20, 2008

And There's Blood On My Teeth

I print out little playing card sized versions of my photographs so that I can deal them out at the kitchen table or in a bar and take stock in them for my website, or my book or a gallery submission. It helps with sequencing, editing and overall comprehension of my body of work.

I spilled a Jack and Coke (!!!) on my little stack of printouts tonight, which have been sitting on my desk for six months now. As I "rescued" them with a wet paper towel and laid them all out to dry, I realized that I haven't looked at them as a whole for quite some time. There's probably fifty of them and they are drying out now, edges curled and fucked up slightly - and I like them. There's some good stuff in there.

I'm ready for this sordid year - 2008 - to be over, as are many of my friends, acquaintances and others. And seeing this booze and caramel soaked mess gives me hope.

As does this:

Cover Star: The Lower East Side, NYC, September 7th, 2008
Headlining Band: The Afghan Whigs, The Reading Festival, 1994, featuring Marcy Mays on vocals


Dig, man, there goes Mack the Knife! said...

fucking word.

Sorry I missed the layout.
That would have been fun for me.

Chip Willis said...

Here is to 2009!

Too late for Jack and Coke for me, but a nice Glass of California Beringer White Zinfandel will do.

hypolux said...

That never would have happened under my watch ya know ;) One of these days, I'm gonna sit you down and demand you help me go through my little square shaped print-outs. And if you still have yet to make sense of your soiled and wrinkled stack, I will of course, help you again too.