Sunday, December 28, 2008

You Shouldn't Hide Behind Your Hair

"o, sometimes, i don't think I'll ever be
sure: coming back from who-knows-where
locked-up, downstairs. do you remember
what you were thinking of?

'well. maybe?'

call out to nothing in the wake of watching
her sip her wine from a camping cup on
some missing night. but, did just enough
ever give it up?

'when was i someone who you let inside
and held-on, too?'

(and somewhere)

a note just inside the door. is hoping
something is still where it was:

'i came to dance and
passed it up. once i
land, won't you come?
think of me: i just can't
move. i couldn't see
i never knew
i'd wonder where
i'll never be.'"

Three, count them, three more days until this hateful, hateful year is over...

Cover Star: Amy
Headlining Band: Richard Buckner


Tanya said...

ha, i might be taking your header to heart soon.

spindl said...

a wonderful photograph