Friday, December 26, 2008

Light Holiday Reading

"I want to be in love with a woman
One who loved me
One who could show me I could trust her
One who could show me
That I didn't have to be on my guard all the time

I wish I could meet a woman that could show me something
One who could make my blood stop screaming."

- Henry Rollins, "Now Watch Him Die"


gary griffin said...

this is my life.

happy festivus, james.


wyoming said...

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hypolux said...

It goes beyond words
You've tried to put it down
Some piece of paper
You got so frustrated
Fuck words
Sometimes they just don't work
You have a lump in your throat
You want to break something
You wish it was different
Life I mean
You know that this is a huge part of it
You can tell that there will be many nights like this
There will be
Look at the lines in the faces
They look just like yours.