Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Bad Habits Make Our Decisions For Us... should try and remember all you're holding is a hand full of dust."

I'm on a tear. Scanning negatives and listening to AMC.

Disclaimer, and my good friends can attest to this:

This shit could go on for quite some time, as when I latch on to something, I tend to drive it into the ground. I've done that with this band countless times. Hundreds, if you actually were to count.

I appreciate all the comments here, but "m," really, to start with "Mercury" would be a huge injustice. You have to grow with this band. Start with "Engine" then "United Kingdom" then "Everclear" THEN "Mercury" and finally "San Francisco."

And like I said, if you dig it that far, go back to "The Restless Stranger," their first album.

Double-date tonight with one of my favorite photographers and her husband, who I WILL ask for financial advice.


The rollercoaster ride continues. The last time I was on one (The Cyclone) I just kept screaming for them to stop it.

Just like I am now.

Slipping through Jesus' hands...

Cover Star: My Landlord's Worst Nightmare
Headlining Band: American Music Club (dedicated to a former friend of mine)

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Sanders said...

Loving the Jobo but not the title. What's become of you?