Friday, December 19, 2008

I Just Called To Ask You What I Said Last Night

I'm an avid record collector.

I used to go to the big record convention in Hillsborough, NC with my buddies and buy all sorts of stuff on vinyl, most of which I still have.

But lately, for instance, combing through the treasures at the WFMU Record Fair here in Manhattan, I've been less inspired. I think for two reasons:

1 - I already have most of what it is that I've been searching for.
2- The shit is just becoming harder and harder to find - i.e. people like me are holding onto it.

Although there are some outstanding Suicide Commandos records that I want, but I ain't holding my breath for those (see #2).

Well, here's one that I want:

It's the only 45 by Naked Skinnies. According to Mark Eitzel, they had 500 pressed and he threw 250 away. I saw one on eBay once but it went for bank. Weird, since it's so obscure, but hey, I guess I just answered my own question.

So if anyone out there has one of the 250 that remain, send it to me and I'll send you a signed print - or some bank.

And in related news, I cannot for the life of me find my CD of AMC's "California," which is a MASTERPIECE and is idiotically OUT OF PRINT. I probably lent it to somebody...

Sigh...eBay and Amazon, here I come again.

FUCK! I gotta look around some more. It's got to be here somewhere...

I'm craving chicken wings from Bonnie's Grill. Park Slope but Buffalo style. And the best wings EVER.

Cover Star: "All My Life" b/w "This Is The Beautiful Night"
Headlining Band: AMC


Evil Step Model said...

If those are the best wings ever I am coming to PS! After I lose weight to shoot first of course lol

Chip Willis said...

Is that the place you took me for the Buffalo wings?

I could use some of them too!

Toby Roan said...

Your AMC CD is probably sitting right beside my copy of PRECISE MODERN LOVERS ORDER.

I finally had to replace it.