Saturday, December 06, 2008

When You Are Gone, You Are Gone II

Arriving at your doorstep momentarily. With a tea kettle and a spatula. Or some such thing. Perhaps it's the cyclical nature of "time" - lose a ship and a ship sails into port. And on board, a puppet show with a live band, a paper bag, and a non-working "for display only" model of a rotary engine. Or some such thing. You know, just when you think everything changes, everything does, while you are thinking that everything changes. Then it changes again. It's not fair. That's what UPS is for. It's a scientific fact that if you move slowly enough you can pass through walls. And metal. And other people's lives. It all feels the same. But you have to move really, really slowly. Really fucking slowly. Practice that. You took that from your past. And still do. Remember when you talked about brushing your teeth and wondering what you'd look like when you were dead? Pristine and wonderful.


A Em G. A Em G. A Em G. A Em G.

This is nonsense, you tell yourself and everyone else...
...but it sounds good. To you. Right now. And probably will tomorrow, too.

Cover Star: Reby
Headlining Band: Fugazi
Paintings: William Quigley


Rebecca Lawrence said...

You earn an A+ for bordering on psychopathy.

gary griffin said...

it does sound good...and still does.

"where time takes icebergs
where fields burn westward
where pilgrims disappear..."

i know this too well.


lambness said...

are you playing guitar, or am i just crazy?

..if you are, that's feckin sweet, man.