Saturday, December 13, 2008


Sometimes you just have to wait long enough for good things to happen. A good thing happened today. I finally got to shoot one-on-one with Mayan Lee.

Mayan is one of the first fetish models to take the Internets by storm. She's a legend. She's also cool as shit.

I accidentally shot her almost four years ago when I was shooting a model for my No Vacancy series in tandem with Melvin Moten, Jr., who was shooting Mayan in the same hotel room in Midtown. Towards the end of the shoot, we decided to do a "drunk showgirls" scenario with Laila and Mayan as the aforementioned showgirls in the stairwell.

I took four shots and knew I had it.

So, we've been going back and forth for this whole time since about doing a proper shoot.

This afternoon, it happened.

It was almost as much fun to hang out with her as it was to shoot her, and it was amazing to finally get her in front of my lens.

Thanks, Mayan. You ended my year just damn fine.

Evidence soon...

Oh, and two of my pieces are in The Dirty Show.

And it's my father's birthday. Happy birthday, Dad.

Cover Star: Mayan and Laila
Headlining Band: American Music Club


Model Sarah said...

So you're coming to Detwah with us then I take it?

We're all going again. No crackhead diner this time.

; )

gary griffin said...

jmg = RULER.

bt said...


Cant wait to see those 2 in print..they sure look fantastic as JPG's.

It was our pleasure..thanks for submitting.


Mockingbird Girl said...

Glad that good things are happening...can't wait to see what you and Mayan Lee cooked up together...


Evil Step Model said...

Can't wait to see the pics. The two of you is a great synergy. (Is that proper English? I am exhausted sorry).

Tanya said...

Awesome, I love hearing your happy!