Sunday, December 07, 2008

When You Are Gone, You Are Gone IV

It's cold here in Brooklyn. And windy, too. Bone chilling, in fact. But I've got left-over Kinara in the fridge and the cat has been fed her Tiki Cat tuna and chicken bullshit. And thrown it up.

This is me thinking out loud:

- Hey! Photo Editor Guy from PASTE Magazine...write me back!
- Should I submit three photos to The Dirty Show?
- And what about The Anna Kustara Gallery? Hunh? Hunh???


"Bubblegum" is the perfect soundtrack to tonight's musings and meanderings. I've almost put every song from the record on this here blog, but here's one I haven't (OK, part of it once...)

I wish I had written "One Hundred Days."

(Note to self: Next life - musician. I'll drive all the sexy young thangs crazy, while hopping on one foot...they'll scream a lot at me).

I also wish I had shot this.

So, in the meantime, I gotta make me some photographs.
That matter.
To me.
This week.
The last three shoots of 2008.
Good riddance.

This photo was shot by Thom Salvatico in 2004 while I was shooting Sundae for my NO VACANCY series. She remains one of my favorite subjects ever. I have the privilege to shoot her again after the new year, five years later. Already 2009 is going to be better, even if the fucking world ends after Sundae and I shoot.

My shot:

Cover Star: Sundae St. Laurent
Headlining Band: The Mark Lanegan Band


gary griffin said...

one hundred days is quite possibly the best song ever written...maybe.
definitely the one song that is the soundtrack to my personal loss and longing for 2007/2008.
the fact that chris goss adds his harmony is just icing on the cake for me,
a long-time masters of reality fan.

jmg, you quite possibly am MY brother from another mother.


Capt Stu Beans said...

dirty show, please. Im going...and are you.

Varvara said...

ya ... and I'm your Sister From Another Mister

bt said...

Submit 3 or 4...

Cant wait to see them.

YES on the Kustara Gallery...that would be a great reason to come back to your charming city to celebrate and hang again.

See you in Detroit soon? Off to Mexico here over the holidays..


Rebecca Lawrence said...

The photograph is distractingly hot. Forget the music.

Tia said...

Submit to Dirty Show if you haven't already.. 4 shots.. by December 15th.. do it :).